How To Re-Design Your Design Thinking?

August 11 2017 

         It’s not a secret that every company is trying to place consumers at the center of what they do. However, many organizations are so focused on the short-term gain in terms of achieving the top and bottom line results that they are not focusing on the big picture, and what it takes to truly win in the long-term.

          Design thinking is about value creation, identifying problem and/or opportunity, and solving it. In addition to value creation, value capture serves as a key component in design thinking as well. When corporations decide to implement design thinking as part of their strategy and process, they can immediately see how their company and their teams can be transformed not only in terms of mindset, but in terms of financial results.

             Understanding your consumer begins with uncovering their wants and needs, but to truly uncover deep consumer truths, you must think of insights as if you were peeling an onion…The more you peel, or in this case, the more you keep asking your consumers, the deeper you will know them, and therefore you will be able to truly discover what they really want.                        Design thinking is a process that enables you to connect all the dots, a 5-step process best known as the Stanford D Thinking approach that begins with Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test. This process not only helps increase value creation but when used accordingly and consistently, it can really drive breakthrough results.

Why? In simple terms, Design Thinking truly works when it becomes part of your culture.


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