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All of our state-of-the-art Innovation Labs come equipped with touchscreen computers, whiteboards, televisions, creative materials, and audio/visual recording capabilities for any sessions. To book one of our Innovation Labs today please Click Here or call us at:
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Albert Einstein Portrait
Albert Einstein Innovation Think Tank

World renowned Nobel Prize winning theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, propelled knowledge of the physical properties of our universe from the totality of spacetime all the way down to the quantum level. We choose to name this think tank innovation lab after Einstein for his intellectual curiosity, innovation, and his incalculable contributions to the scientific community.

At our Einstein Innovation Think Tank, our clients and consumers learn how to propel innovation and discover practical solutions to achieve breakthrough results. Every single element of this lab has been designed to ignite creativity through color, style, and furniture design.

This lab is also outfitted with biometric cameras that you can you to gain deeper insights via our breakthrough sentiment analysis

Albert Einstein Portrait
Albert Einstein Lab picture 1
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Ben Franklin Portrait
Benjamin Franklin Innovation Lab

Benjamin Franklin is one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, as well as an author, diplomat, politician, scientist, and inventor. Benjamin Franklin not only helped spearhead the formation of the United States but also the scientific community with his work with light, electricity, and anthropology. For his contributions we dedicated this innovation lab to Benjamin Franklin.

At our Benjamin Franklin Innovation Lab, our clients and consumers get to be creative and innovative. Through color, style, and furniture design this lab has been meticulously designed to invoke thoughtfulness and creativity.

Ben Franklin Portrait
Benjamin Franklin Lab picture 1
Benjamin Franklin Lab picture 2
Benjamin Franklin Lab picture 3

Bill Gates Portrait
Bill Gates Open Innovation Lab

Founder, CEO, and later Chief Software Architect of Microsoft, Bill Gates has created the world’s largest PC software company. Gates’s technological revolution in personal computers is only matched by his personal philanthropic and charitable work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. His openness to innovation and collaboration led us to name this open innovation lab after him.

In this lab our clients learn how to be open-minded, identify and assess risks in order to transform their business. The furniture, colors, and design of this area was hand selected to facilitate these open-minded ways of thinking in our clients.

Bill Gates Portrait
Bill Gates Area picture 1
Bill Gates Area picture 2
Bill Gates Area picture 3

Chuck Hull Portrait
Chuck Hull 3D Printing Innovation Lab

Best known for the invention of stereolithography in addition to the STL file format, Chuck Hull innovated the 3D printing process as we know it today. Naturally we could think of no better namesake for our 3D printing innovation lab. With 5 individual 3D printers (and counting) we have used Hull’s achievements to expand Savvy Marketers into the world of prototyping and 3D design by making the impossible become possible via our design thinking process.

Chuck Hull Portrait
Chuck Hull Lab picture 1
Chuck Hull Lab picture 2
Chuck Hull Lab picture 3

Galileo Portrait
Galileo Galilei Innovation Lab

A most prominent figure of the scientific revolution, Galileo Galilei’s body of work crossed multiple disciplines including mathematics, physics, philosophy, and most notably, astronomy. In defiance of the powers of his time, Galileo strained to advocate the information he observed for the betterment of society’s understandings. This inspired us to name this lab after him.

At our Galileo Innovation Lab, we conduct innovation sessions as well as consumer co-creations and focus groups. All of the elements of this lab has been designed to ignite creativity and versatility through color, style, and furniture design.

This lab has been outfitted for consumer analysis!

Galileo Portrait
Galileo Lab picture 1
Galileo Lab picture 2
Galileo Lab picture 3

da Vinci Portrait
Leonardo da Vinci Innovation Lab

The archetypal Renaissance Man, Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci was a brilliant engineer, mathematician, biologist, and of course, artist. The contributions made by da Vinci to the collective knowledge and human experience are too numerous to reasonably list, but it is because of these gifts to mankind that we christened this innovation lab after him.

Our da Vinci Innovation Lab has been thoughtfully designed to help drive innovation, education, and help train the modern learner on topics such as marketing excellence, design thinking, innovation workshops and much more.

da Vinci Portrait
da Vinci Lab picture 1
da Vinci Lab picture 2
da Vinci Lab picture 3

Marie Curie Portrait
Marie Curie Innovation Lab

The mother of the field research in radioactivity and the woman who coined the term, Marie Curie, was instrumental in furthering the study of physics. The first woman to earn a Nobel Prize, Curie also was able to use her development of a mobile X-ray machine to assist field medics during World War I. We opted to call this innovation lab after her for these achievements.

Our Marie Curie Innovation Lab has been designed for an intimate group setting focused on creative problem solving and innovation. The color, style, and furniture of this lab was deliberately chosen to spark creativity.

Marie Curie Portrait
Marie Curie Lab picture 1
Marie Curie Lab picture 2
Marie Curie Lab picture 3

Rosalind Franklin Portrait
Rosalind Franklin Innovation Lab

A pioneer in the research of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), Rosalind Franklin’s work lead to our double helix model of DNA. Franklin’s scientific contributions also assisted in mapping out the structures of ribonucleic acid (RNA), viruses, and even some rocks. This innovation lab is dedicated to Franklin and her priceless achievements.

At our Rosalind Franklin Innovation Lab, our clients have the opportunity to collaborate, innovate, and co-create. Via meticulous designs of color, style, and furniture this lab has been engineered to invoke our clients’ creativity.

Rosalind Franklin Portrait
Rosalind Franklin Lab picture 1
Rosalind Franklin Lab picture 2
Rosalind Franklin Lab picture 3

Sergey Brin Portrait
Sergey Brin Innovation Lab

Sergey Brin is the co-founder of Google as well as the president of its parent company. Brin helped in revolutionizing the functionality of web search engines with his and Larry Page’s algorithms which, in part, analyzed the hyperlinking between different webpages to determine which pages would be the most relevant. This lead to us naming this lab after him.

Our Sergey Brin Innovation Lab is an action oriented setting where “In The Now” creators can come up with great and powerful ideas. As with our other labs, each element has been chosen to ignite the people’s creativity through color, style, and furniture design.

Sergey Brin Portrait
Sergey Brin Lab picture 1
Sergey Brin Lab picture 2
Sergey Brin Lab picture 3

Steve Jobs Portrait
Steve Jobs Innovation Lab

Alongside Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs founded Apple Inc. Jobs specialized in the marketing and designing the User Interface of Apple’s products over the years. In addition, he helped pull the company out from the brink of bankruptcy via breakthrough innovation by making technology intuitive and changing the industry in a profound way. This work inspired us to dedicate this lab to him.

In the Steve Jobs Innovation Lab our clients learn and work together to identify, innovate, co-create, and prototype. This lab has also been used by the Savvy Team in developing many of our original animated white board videos.

Steve Jobs Portrait
Steve Jobs Lab picture 1
Steve Jobs Lab picture 2
Steve Jobs Lab picture 3

Thomas Edison Portrait
Thomas Edison Breakroom

One of the United States most famous inventors ever, Thomas Edison developed many inventions and held over 1,000 patents. His work included improvements upon the incandescent lightbulb into its modern form, the development of sound recording and playback, and production of early motion pictures. For his thousands of contributions to society we named this lab in honor of him.

In this room both our clients as well as the Savvy Team can take a break and learn from each other in a relaxed environment while also having the chance to have fun in order to reinvigorate their creative juices and continue to work effectively by sparking new ideas.

Thomas Edison Portrait
Thomas Edison Lab picture 1
Thomas Edison Lab picture 2
Thomas Edison Lab picture 3

Wright Bros Portrait
Wright Brothers Innovation Lab

Brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright were the first people ever to develop an aircraft that succeeded in taking a controlled flight. The Wright Brothers gave mankind the ability of flight via seeing and tackling the problem in new ways through testing and engineering. The Wright Brothers are the namesake of this innovation lab for their soaring contributions to the world.

Our Wright Brothers Innovation Lab allows our clients to come together to create and think up new great ideas and let them fly. The color, style, and furniture of this lab were all specifically selected to inspire design and creativity across all of its users.

Wright Bros Portrait
Wright Bros Lab picture 1
Wright Bros Lab picture 2
Wright Bros Lab picture 3